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PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:16 am 

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After years of service I think it's time that I let go of this account that's kept me entertained for so long.
I've had some awesome experiences in WoW, but now is time for me to move on, so I'm going to let someone else have the pleasure of this account.

So, read on, for the details of this fantastic account I've worked hard to create.

Character 1: 80 Horde Female Mage

WoW-Heroes Screenshot:

Armoury Link:

2/5 T10.
2/5 T9.
Various ICC 10 and 25 gear.
iLevel 264 Mainhand (BiS)
All enchanted and gemmed with best enchants + all epic gems.

Special Items
Over 15,000G Cash
Full Bank with almost all Glacial Bags (22 slots) filling the slots.
Level 70 items from TBC raiding.
Holiday items including:
Midsummer set
2 Brewfest Steins

Tons of frostweave cloth + tailoring supplies.
Bags - netherweave/frostweave/glacial.
Five Heirloom Items
48 Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits (WoW TCG item that increases pet size a lot)

Notable Pets

<<Argent Gruntling (with pony - will become bank/vendor/mailbox every 2 hours)>>
<<Frosty the Frost Wyrmling (WotLK CE pet)>>
Loads of regular Horde/Alliance pets
Argent Tournament pet
<<Kirin Tor Familiar>>

Notable Mounts

---Violet Proto-Drake--- (310% speed flyer achieved by one full year of holiday achievement completion)

Grand Black War Mammoth
Ice Mammoth


---Sergeant--- Vanilla PVP Title
All 'Of <City>'
All Holiday Titles
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
the Argent Champion
---Twilight Vanquisher---
the Patient


19 Factions Exalted (incl all Home Factions, Argent Dawn, Frostwolves, Sons of Hodir, base NR Factions + more)
7 Factions at Revered
8 Factions at Honoured
8 Factions at Friendly


450 Tailoring (incl TotC pattern)
450 JCing (incl epic gem recipes + 4 Dala Jewelcrafting Tokens)
450 Cooking (hundreds of Northern Spices + 35 Dala Cooking Awards)
450 Fishing

Dual Spec
Fishing Bonuses - Has won the STV Competition and has the Eternium Rod (with +5 line), +5 hat with included +75 lure)
Ultra-Rare Turtle Polymorph
Once-a-year-available Rabbit Polymorph
Epic (and Cold-Weather) Flying

Character 2: 80 Horde Female Death-Knight
Gear-wise, this character isn't amazing, has a few epics for tanking as well as lots of blues.
1500+ gold cash.
Skills: 450 Mining + ~450 Bsmithing
Has epic (and cold-weather) flying.
Has --Rivendare's Deathcharger--

Character 3: ~75 Horde Female Rogue
Regular (and Cold Weather) Flying.
NR leveling gear.
There are also various other alts, including an Alliance bank alt with the <Noble> title and a guild bank, and a Horde bank alt with awesome clothes and loads of bank slots.

You're getting a seriously good account for your money
msn :

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