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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:39 am 

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Hi I'm selling my world of warcraft account as i have played over 2 years and i need to focus on college studies, I'm selling the account because as i will no longer be playing the game i could use some cash to help me out. I've sold 4 accounts you can see from my feedback and they've had no problem ... llFeedback
Selling for £400, please contact me if you are interested my msn is

WoW europe Account

5 level 80’s! 2 level 70’s!
All five level 80's have 280% flying mounts + cold weather flying,
both level 70's have 150%
level 80 : Paladin, Deathknight, Rogue,Warlock,Druid.
Level 70: Hunter, Mage
All the characters are on the horde faction.
All the level 80 characters are good geared
The account has 8000g and it's own bank.
Warlock: he has dual spec. 413/450 enchanting + Jc 450/450. He has 2055 achiv points.
Stats in pve gear self buffed are; 2828Sp 554Hitrate 23.95%Crit 320Haste. Stats in pvp are: 2585SP 79Hitrate 20.56%Crit and a Resilience of 1037. Has 18Mounts ground + flying in total, including black war bear, bronze drake. Has 75k honour points unused.
Druid has dual spec, feral + balance. His profession are inscription 401/450 + leatherworking 412/450. Stats in balance gear are 2223Sp 289Hitrate and 23.98%Crit. In feral gear he is in a mixture of pvp + pve gear because I started boosting people with him but his stats are: 32.5k HP 5152AP 116Hitrate and 39.59%Crit (Bear Form) he has a Bronze Drake + Black War Mammoth
Rogue professions are leatherworking + skinning both 450/450. Stats in Pve are; 3873AP 259hitrate 24.46%Crit (Currently in Sub specc) Has Armoured Brown bear + Cobalt War Tabulk
Deathknight has dual spec, both pve (tank + dps geared) also has gear for pvp. Profession are 442/450 jc, 450/450 mining, cooking 351/450 + fishing 305/450. He has 2.5k achiv. Stats in PvP Gear are: 3227AP 233Hitrate 20.51%Crit and a resilience of 796
Stats in Dps Gear: 4462AP 300Hitrate 25.56%Crit. Stats in Tank Gear: 30.4k Hp 3205AP 250Hitrate 12.85%Crit, 552Deffence 18.89% Dodge 18.44% Parry. Has Black War Mammoth. Bronze Drake + Black War Bear
Paladin Stats in Dps Gear 3390AP 216Hit 26.09%Crit. Has Black War Bear

The two level 70's are in leveling gear.
Mage: Enchanting 287/310 + Tailoring 136/225

Hunter : 107/150 Engineering + 52/150 Mining, 375/375 First aid. Has White War Tabulk.

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