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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2010 2:22 pm 

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A brief history the account is 4 years old with a combined play time on the characters of 448 days roughly without hour count.
And yes I am the original owner of the account.
Also the account is active still, as i will play it until the day it is no longer mine, so items may change/improve.
For any Armory links or Alt Armory links they will be available upon request. Requests to see characters in game will have to be worked out between schedules.
All characters are available for transfer.

The main character right now is a:

80 Human(F) Warlock (Dual Spec Active)
5938gs(PvE) and 5541gs(PvP)(1068resil)
Champion of the Frozen Waste
of the Ashen Verdict
of the Nightfall
the Kingslayer
the Patient

Enchanting 450/450
Tailoring 450/450

Riding skill is currently at 300(Epic flying/Cold Weather Flying) 4 ground mounts and 5 flying mounts. With also 7 vanity companions.
Has full bank tabs and 5/7 20 slot bags. With 20+slot bags on character and 32 slot soul bag.

80 Human(M) Paladin (Dual Spec Active)
4870gs(Prot) 4659gs(Ret) (Holy)pieces only not full set
Champion of the Frozen Waste
the Argent Champion
the Explorer
the Hallowed
the Love Fool
the Patient

Blacksmithing 450/450
Engineering 450/450

Riding skill is 300(epic flying/Cold Weather Flying) 10 ground mounts including Green and Blue Qiraji battle tanks, Brewfest Kodo and Ice Mammoth. And 2 flying mounts one of which is the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. With also 14 vanity companions. All tabs in bank with 18+ bags.

80 Night Elf(M) Druid (Dual Spec Active)
5327gs(Feral Tank) 5260gs(Resto Pve)
the Patient

Alchemy 450/450
Leatherworking 432/450

Riding skill is 225(Cold Weather Flying) with 5 ground mounts and flight form learned. 3 vanity companions. 20 slot bags on character and 16 slot bags in 5/7 bank slots with 2 empty.

80 Night Elf(M) Rogue (Dual Spec Active)
the Patient

Jewelcrafting 450/450
Mining 450/450

Riding skill is 225(Cold Weather Flying) 2 ground mounts 1 flying. Full bank slots with 5/7 16 slot bags 1 empty slot and one 28 slot mining bag.

The other characters are 72Gnome(M) Mage, 70Draenei(M) Shaman, 70Night Elf(M) Hunter, 70Night Elf(M) Warrior.

All the lower level characters have gear on either PvP gear/BoA gear/BC gear or equivalent, and will have no trouble questing in Northrend via their current equipped items.

For more info please email me at or add me on msn to chat live.

As the characters are all on the same account and the account can be bought and characters transferred to another account for more profit I will only ask for $700. If you are asking for Warlock only you can either pay $300 on other sites for one character or pay the extra for 8 characters. Serious inquiries only please.
Please contact to discuss payment options.

Also as the account is active and obtaining better equipment the price may increase.

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