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PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:48 am 

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Hello i am looking to sell my account -----> offers welcome
Here is a great opportunity months and months before expansion to own your own wow characters

I am The Original Owner of this account

3 Level 80s ,
2 level 72s,
1 level 70,
1 level 66
I am Finally selling my character sheet after a long time, i started playing when the game first hit store shelves, well now i have grown up and have a family of my own and can no longer afford to keep playing.
In this auction you will recieve a geared out tank, he was the main tank for a high end raiding guild; hes ready for the new Ruby Sanctum that just came out and has a great dps duel set as well. Other characters are talked about and listed below.

Lvl 80 Warrior - 3218 Gearscore
((Ruby Sanctum Ready))
Duel Spec
Full tank and Dps set
Check out the Gear:
Epic mount , epic flyer
Mount types: AQ 40 Mounts, Black war bear, black war mammoth, Armored Blue wind rider (cost me 2000 gold) RIVENDARE'S DEATHCHARGER ( Hard Rare Mount Drop ) + others

Lvl 80 Warlock
Duel Spec
Full dps set
Check out the Gear:
Epic mount, Epic Flyer
Mount type: Wolf, kodo, standard fast epic flyer

Lvl 80 Hunter
Duel Spec
New 80 dps set
Check out the Gear:
Epic mount, epic flyer
basic chicken mount, basic fast epic flyer

Lvl 72 Mage
Duel Spec
Needs to be lvled used to be one of my mains in BC
Check out the Gear:
Epic mount, Epic flyer
Av Wolf, Nether Ray Epic fast flyer

Lvl 72 Rogue
Duel Spec
Needs to be leveled and some gear was main char in original vanilla wow
Check out the Gear:
Epic mount, Epic Flyer
Av Wolf, Standard Epic fast mount

lvl 70 Paladin
Duel Spec
Needs to be lvled used to be one of my mains in BC
Check out the Gear:
Epic Mount, Epic Flyer
Raptor mount, Standard fast flyer mount

There are also Many other characters that can be leveld if wished:
65 dk
31 priest
34 druid
41 druid
34 shaman
22 shaman
Other -: 2 Bank Alts
10,000+ gold

Banks Alts - more information: There are 2 bank alts that each have 5 tab banks, within are tons and tons of mats for professions , for all new content and old for leveling, there are also tons of epics such as listed below, blues for twinks, Other hard to find objects and loads of cards i mean alot as i was a huge rat for collecting and making decks in the game to sell on AH would not take long to get full decks.
Most of the tabs are full only a few with not so much in them, but the majority are hard to find items that i personally collected since the game started to now.

Rare items
(all boe)
Lunacy deck
2 boe Turtle polymorph books
Je tze's bell
Elemental Attuned blade ( VERY VERY RARE )
Darkmoon card: Maelstrom
Darkmoon card: Twisting nether
Darkmoon Card: Blue dragon
Orb of deception
Dwarven hand cannon

Other notes: most of the characters have tons of pets on them if your one of the collecters out there. normal, blue, & rare pets.
BOP gear to level any class to 80 quick
Please Feel Free to contact me about any questions that you have : )

First i have sold another account before, so dont try and scam me!! I use paypal as a way of payments, no E-checks are accepted, automatic payment and wait for money to go into my bank account out of paypals reach. then i will give you all information to access account. this is the only way ill do business - since i was scam'd in past., feel free to contact me and ill add you to msn to talk with you or answer any questions you might have, or just leave an email with question. : msn

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