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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 3:51 pm 

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Hey guys, well its finally that time that I quit playing Maple Story, I've decided to let my ranger go, its above level 110, I don't want to give the exact level due to it being easily found on the Khaini server.

This account is decked out in NX that will last the coming months, it also has a Dino pet, Yeti pet, and another pet ( I can't remember what it is lol ) the dino and mysterious pet are both level 15+ so you will be able to chat through them. The Yeti is a new pet that includes about 30$+ worth of nx on it that will last till december.

I have many different outfits on this character, some expire in december, the others in febuary.

This is a well known and popular player, I also have a guild that you can do anything with. This character is stocked full of dark scrolls that will sell for a good amount of mesos, you should be able to get easily over 100+ mil just from the items I have to sell.

As for the stats its currently sitting at:

55 STR
510+ DEX

It has equipped the Magical Bow of Descruction that requires no strength so Ive been working to lower the strength down to 4. This gives you uber damage when fighting mobs which will help you level faster. ( if you continue to drop it down to 4 this char will do amazing damage, the bow attack I believe is 94 or 96 which is high for a level 65 weapon, though I have seen higher for alot of money if you were going to buy that, though it really isnt needed, this character with this low strength will match the damage of a 111 attack level 100 bow)

Also on this character is a 10 attack red work glove, 15 jump 8 or 9 dex snowshoes. ( I will update with more accurate info when Im not so tired) Also it has a 10 dex pink cape with +2 attack. I believe a 26 dex overall, 8 dex rose earrings.

This is a great account, and only a few levels from 4th Job when it comes out you will be one of the few that gets the riding mount, and the 4th job skills, I suggest first point into hurricane :D

This char build is as close to perfection as possible, Ive spent thousands of dollars on nx and rolling the skills to 0 that where mostly used for leveling and noob mistakes, there are no wasted points, everything is maxed that needs to be maxed. 30 infernal, 30 strafe, 30 arrow rain, etc.

You will be followed/whispered/traded by every noob on the planet if you walk through hennesy :)

Okay I think I've said enough oh this character has been married twice now, and divorced twice so maybe the third time is the charm :P hopefully you can make that happen!

You will be doing 4-5 k damage per hit on average, and I crit big to, leveling is very easy on this character, I can almost level once per day if I had the time and used the 2x exp, but been to busy at work lately.

I am a trustworthy seller, I have seller reputation, and all that good stuff with paypal.

I guess the last thing I could add is the character has a rare hair that I spent about 40$ trying to get, so if you want to change it its up to you :D

Okay down to what Im looking for, Im trying to sell this character for a flat 500.00$ it is negotiable, just message me and I will repond to your inquiries promptly, I will do no trades for this account, and if I don't get the price I'm looking for I will just hold on to it, and not sell it.

Thanks for your time I hope my account interest you, if you would like more information just message me, I cannot give you the exact level or the character name, only that is on Khaini server and is a uber well liked ranger, not to mention now you can spend 10$ on name changes so no one would know who you are :)

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