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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:15 am 

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No trades for any ingame item/account of any kind in this or any other game, paypal offers only.


Specialised PVP capital/supercapital pilot, with a few extra side abilities thrown in (covops, logistics, industrials)

Can use Capital remote armour reps, remote shield reps, triage, siege etc. I am vague on the specific skills for obvious reasons, however rest assured this character has plenty of real life 0.0 kills, in some of the biggest battles in eve history. Pos's, supbcaps, caps, supercaps it's done em all.

BONUSES: New character portrait has not been created, make this character yours from the start. Over 2 Million SP is UNASSIGNED from the recent learning skills release, use these immediately to continue its training in whichever direction you like. Plus, attribute remap is immediately available. There are available jumpclone slots for your immediate use. Will come with fitted gallente carrier and dreadnought.

Drones - Total Skillpoints in Group: 12.1M
Level 5: Fighter Bombers, fighters

Electronics: Total Skillpoints in Group: 2.8M
All proper support skills to high level

Engineering 3M skillpoints

Gunnery - Total Skillpoints in Group: 9M
Level 5: Capital Hybrid Turret, plus relevant gunnery support skills

L5 only, possible area for development if you want to use this way in fleets

Mechanic Total Skillpoints in Group: 3.5M

Navigation Total Skillpoints in Group: 6.3M
JDC/JFC both at level 5. This is not amateur hour.

Science Total Skillpoints in Group: 1.5M
Cybernetics 5, Infomorph 4

Spaceship Command - 15M
Gallente Dreadnought 5, Gallente Carrier 5, Logistics 5


Total Skillpoints: 55M

Skills at Level 5: 50


OK, there's the fun stuff. PM me any questions, or you can post them in the thread if you like. I'm slightly time zone challenged right now, so replies might not be immediate to you.

I'm looking for $550 which includes character transfer to your account. Or you can subtract the transfer fee and I'll give you the login the choice is yours. I reserve the right to choose my buyer with care, if you seem like someone who's just stolen a paypal account then I'm gonna just go ahead and pass on that one, thanks.

Otherwise, happy eve'ing!

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