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PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 5:19 pm 

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Hello, I am looking to trade my WoW account for a nice Eve online account.

What I have:
I technically 2 accounts but they with be traded together as they are binded to the same account. I am the original owner of the accounts. None of the accounts have ever gotten in trouble with Blizz. Unfortunately neither of these accounts have gametime.

On the main WoW account I have a level 85 DK, a level 83 paladin, and a level 40 priest. Also has a guildbank toon which has 3/4 guild bank slot, the bank is full of mats and other lower level gear perfect for leveling up alts and professions, and its a great place to store extra stuff. This account has more then 10k gold scattered between the three characters. Both the DK and Paladin are in the same guild, which is one of the better progression guilds on the server. All the Characters I mention in my post are from the server Burning Blade - US

85 DK:
He has Blacksmithing(470) and Engineering(525) as his professions. He also has the swift engineering mount which looks really cool. He has a average ilvl of 354. He is dual spec. His DPS set is very nice and is perfect for normal raid and Good enough for heroic raids as well. He currently is unholy for DPS but I do have a Frost set of Weapons for him as well. His other Spec is Blood for tanking. The tank set is not as good as the DPS, but is easily good enough to get you into normal raids. He has all riding skills except for 310% flying, I didn't get it because you go nearly just as fast as long as you are in unholy presence. He has camel mounts, and some other nice ones, I wont post them all.

83 Pally:
The pally is the oldest toon on the account. He has some great vanity Items, such as 6/8 T6 some T5 and a bunch of of BC weps. Also he has some vanilla stuff like the Scarab Brooch Trinket which is great no matter what level your car is because it is a percentage based proc. He is perfect for making incredible amounts of gold. His primary professions are Jewelcrafting(479) and Mining(479), these are both very easy and cheap to train up, and they are great for raiding benefits. He also has very nice secondary professions: Cooking(525), Fishing(525), First aid(450). He has some very nice and rare mounts such as Grand Black War Mammoth (which can carry 2 other people), Brewfest Kodo, and a Green Proto-drake. He has plenty more mounts. He is very close to having the tabard of the achiever. He has many exalted reps. He doesnt really have any raid specs because at the time he was being leveled up to 85. But right now he is Ret and Healing. His healing spec is great for dungeon leveling and his Ret spec is perfect for questing. most of his gear is high ilvl ICC gear and Cata dungeon blues. Like the lvl 85 DK he has all the riding skills except for 310% flying, I didn't buy this because of the boost you get from crusader's aura.

40 Priest:
Nice little alt, great for taking a break from raiding and endgame stuff. His specs are shadow and disc. Shadow is great for dungeons or and questing but sometimes dungeon queues can take to long so disc is great to heal with to get quickly into dungeons. He has journeyman riding with 100% ground speed mounts. He has 3 Heirlooms which increase experience gain by 20% to speed up leveling. He is pretty twinked out because I only really dungeon level him.

The second WoW account linked to the account has a level 80 Human Mage and a level 67 or 69 Draenai shaman. Between both these toons there is around 900 gold. I haven't played this account since the beginning of wrath so I don't really have any other info on them.

What I am Looking for:
I'm looking for a very nice eve online account with an all around Pilot preferably amarr or Gallante. The pilot must also have good standings, and not a pirate or anything like that. A good amount of isk is preferred but not completely necessary.

If you have any questions or if I forgot something just send me a message or post here and I will answer it as soon as I can. SS and armory links will be provided to serious traders. Also, Scammers please don't waste your time here your Jedi Mind tricks wont work on me.

P.S. I also have a seriously incredible Navyfield Account as well it has 2 100+ BOs and 2 70+ BOs If you are interested in it feel free to send a message or Post. The account has like around 48 million credits and points

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