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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:51 am 

Joined: Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:41 am
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Looking for gil offerss. No money. I want only gil.

75x5 Mandau/Ridill (75THF/RDM/WAR/DRK/DNC)

Character Info:

Rank 10 - San d’Oria Elvan Silver Hair male
5mil GIL on character.

Transfer is Available! ALL Original POL keys are not available

Sky - Complete
Sea - Complete
ToAU - Complete
WotG – Complete
Rank - Corporal
Nyzul Isle – Floor 60

Conquest Points – 28,081
Imperial Standing – 41, 623
Allied Notes – 5234
Ampoules – 7000/15000 (Odin Item purchase)
All Dynamis Clears

37 WHM, BLM, NIN, SAM Blu, Mnk, & Drg


2 HP
5 Str
8 Dagger
8 Sword
1 Evasion
4 Critical Hit

THF Merits:

2 Sneak Attack
2 Trick Attack
5 Triple Attack Rate
5 Assassin’s Charge
5 Feint
1 Flee

RDM Merits:

8 Enfeebling Magic Skill
2 Ice Magic Accuracy
2 Earth Magic Accuracy
1 Wind Magic Accuracy
1 Slow II
1 Paralyze II

DRK Merits:

4 Last Resort
1 Dark Seal

WAR Merits:

1 Axe
2 Aggressor Recast

List of:
RARE/EX Items:


Mandau (Relic)
Perseus’s Harpe
Heart Snatcher
Sword Breaker (Nyzul Wpn)
Main Gauche (Nyzul Wpn)
Vorpal Sword (Nyzul Wpn)
Death Sickle
Sturdy Axe (Nyzul Wpn)
Thief’s Knife
Sirocco kukri
Justice Sword
Seiryu’s Sword
Dragon Staff
Terra’s Staff
Aquilo’s Staff
Genbu’s Shield


Optical Hat
Ace’s Helm
Patroclus’s Helm
Goliard Chapeau
Crimson Mask
Cleric’s Cap
Assassin’s Bonnet – THF AF2
Denali Bonnet
Homam Zucchetto
Hecatomb Cap
Walahra Turban
Optical Hat
Warlock’s Chapeau
Duelist Chapeau – RDM AF2
Dancer’s Tiara


Homam Corazza
Hecatomb Harness
Rapparee Harness
Assassin’s Vest – THF AF2
Rogue’s Vest +1
Dancer’s Casaque
Etoile Casaque – DNC AF2
Gloom Breastplate
Crimson Scale Mail
Duelist’s Tabard – RDM AF2


Homam Manopolas
Assassin’s Armlets +1 – THF AF2
Hecatomb Mittens
Enkidu’s Mittens
Dusk Gloves
Dancer’s Bangles
Carbuncle Mitts
Seiryu’s Kote
Summoner Bracers – SMN AF2
Zenith Mitts
Wise Gloves +1


Homam Gambrieras
Hecatomb Leggings
Trotter Boots
Assassin’s Poulaines – THF AF2
Etoile Shoes – DNC AF2
Denali Gamashes
Duelist’s Boots – RDM AF2
Summoner’s Pigaches – SMN AF2
Warrior’s Calligae – WAR AF2
Bounding Boots
Assassin’s Poulaine’s -1


Homam Cosciales
Hecatomb Subligar
Assassin’s Culottes – THF AF2
Dancer’s Tights
Etoile Tights – DNC AF2
Zenith Slacks
Duelist’s Tights – RDM AF2
Warrior’s Cuisses – WAR AF2
Armadillo Cuisses
Libra Subligar
Luna Subligar


Love Torque
Breeze Gorget (Missing UFO organ for Soil)
Morgana’s Choker
Ajase Bead Necklace
Empress Hairpin


Pixie Earring
Loquacious Earring
Brutal Earring
Magnetic Earring
Triumph Earring
Moldavite Earring
Optical Earring
Intruder Earring


Omega Ring
Flame Ring
Insect Ring
Blood Ring
Jelly Ring
Ulthalam’s Ring
Raja’s Ring
Sniper’s Ring +1
Assassin’s Ring
Bomb Queen Ring


Swift Belt
Penitent’s Rope


Cuchulain’s Mantle
Foragers Mantle
Boxer’s Mantle

Screenshot Link >>>>

( ALL middle man are SCAMMERS. NO middle man ) service please.


PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:58 pm 

Joined: Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:41 am
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