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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:50 am 

Joined: Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:47 am
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Character info:
Rank 10 San D'oria Elvaan Male
200k - 300k in various gil/gear

Transfer is available
POL codes are available and I am the original owner.

Sky complete
Sea complete
ToAU - Misplaced Nobility
WotG - Back to the Beginning
Rank Second Lieutenant
Runic Disk Level 21
Dynamis Xarcabard Access
1300 Conquest Points
5000 Imperial Standing Points
8000 Campaign Points

75 Sam, Mnk, Cor, Nin, Rdm
All Sub-jobs are ready at level 37

War 37
Whm 37
Rng 46
Pup 41
Blm 38
Thf 38
Drk 37
Dnc 37

71 Woodworking - Apron

5 HP
3 MP
4 Str
1 Dex
8 Gks
8 Mms
8 Enfeebling
8 Dark
4 Crit Hit
2 Spell Interruption
+ 5 Additional Merit Points currently unused

5 Counter
3 Kick Att
1 Invigorate

5 Store TP Effect
5 Zanshin Attack Rate
1 Shikikoyo
1 Blade Bash
3 Ikishoten
5 Overwhelm

1 Slow II

5 Quick Draw Recast
5 Quick Draw Accuracy
1 Snake Eye
1 Fold
3 Winning Streak
5 Loaded Deck

Rare/Ex Items:
Black Belt
Genbu's Shield
Loquac. Earring
Moldavite EArring
Genbu's Kabuto
Melee Gaiters AF2
Shura Togi
Pln. Khazagand
Seiryu's Kote
Bandomusha Kote
Byakko's Haidate
Shura Haidate
W. Turban
O. Hat
Swift Belt
Brutal Earring
Rajas Ring
Trailer's Kukri
Perdu Blade
Soboro sukehiro
Fire staff
Ice staff
Wind staff
Earth staff
Water staff
Light staff
Dark staff
Lightning bow +1
Shark Gun
Bibiki Seashell
Light Grip
Ace Grip
Pole Grip
Mythril Grip +1
Wyvern Helm
Commodore Frac
Askar Korazin
Denali Jacket
Crimson Fng. Gnt.
Melee Gloves
Saotome Kote
Commodore Gants
Pallas' bracelets
Zenith slacks
Saotome Haidate
Pahluwan seraweels
Koga hakama
War brais
Commodore bottes
Askar Gambieras
Errant Pigaches
Fuma sune-ate
Beak necklace
Warwolf belt
Hierarch belt
Black belt
Precise belt
Lamia mantle +1
Amemet mantle +1
Pixie earring
Vision earring
Drone earring x2
Ether ring
Luzaf's ring
Peacock charm
Genbu's Shield
Cursed mitts

Moon orb
Sky orb
Themis orb
Hoshikazu hachimaki
Hoshikazu tekko
Hikazu hakama
Njord's trousers
Hoshikazu hakama
A. abjuration: head
A. abjuration: feet
Square of ecarlate cloth
Utopian gold thread
Ancient brass ingot
Spool of ruby silk thread
Spool of scarlet odoshi
Plaited cord
Clump of shadeleaves
Iriz Ima's hide
Ob's arm
Beastman's seal x217
Kindrid seal x51
Ninja AF1 complete
Samurai AF1 complete
Monk AF1 Complete
Corsair AF1 Complete
Red Mage AF1 Complete
Ghrah M chip x1
Anct. Beastcoins x29
H.Q. euvhi organ x3
Delkfutt key
Nest coffer key

Additional Information:
This account has never been GM'd. Never been banned. If anybody has any questions just send me a PM and I will be happy to answer! And if anybody is looking for a 26 inch LCD flat screen TV just let me know!

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