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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:54 pm 

Joined: Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:18 pm
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Server: Cerberus (World-Transferable)
Race: Elvaan Male
Rank: 10 Windurst/Bastok/Sandy (current home city, all Outpost warps)
CoP/ZM: Done, on the promy climbs before the fight for Ethereal Earring etc
Nyzul Isle Floor: Floor 6
All jobs unlocked, 15 are 30+, over 900 total levels.

CoP ring: Rajas Ring
ToAU Mission: On Alexander fight
AF unlocked: PLD, MNK, BLM, RNG
Gil Amount: 630k

Max Mp/Hp: 3/1
Hand-to-Hand: 1
GK: 8
GA/Polearm: 4 each
Scythe: 3
Critical Hit Rate: 4
Elemental/Dark Magic: 2 each
Warrior: 3 each Aggressor and Berserk, 4 double attack. Warrior's Charge 1
BLM: Lightning Potency 8/8, Ice Potency 4/8, FreezeII/ThunderII 1 each
SAM: Store TP 4, Overwhelm 3
DRG: Jump/High Jump 1 each, Angon 3. Deep Breathing 1

Gear by job:

MNK: Destroyers,, Optical Hat, Scorpion Harness, Palla's Bracelets, Fume Suna-Ate, Rajas Ring, Shura head/body/legs, Brown Belt (2/3 items for black belt), full Kirin's Osode set, Full AF and AF2 gear and more random toys.

PLD: Bibiki Seashell, Koenig Shield, Parade Gorget, Warwolf Belt, Swift Belt, Iron Ram body and legs, Adaman head and hands, Joyeuse, WotG augment weapon for fun, Algol for more fun, Full AF and AF2 head and feet.

BLM: All elemental staves (3 are HQ), Bugard Strap+1, Phantom Thatlum, Philomath Stole, Moldavite Earring, Igqira Weskit, Wisdom Ring x2, Snow Ring, Diamond Ring, Loquacious Earring, elemental torque, dark torque, uggaleppih pendant (or however it's spelled), Igqira tiara, Demon Helm +1, Goliard hands and legs, Rostrum Pumps, Full AF...30+ pieces in total for gear swaps for elemental, enfeeb, dark magic spells and for stoneskin build.

SAM: Shura head/body/legs, Nuevo Cosselette (hauby augments for drg usage), Hagun, Rose Strap, Fuma Sune-ate, Hachiman Kotes, Full AF, AF2 helmet for meditate, Rindomaru, Kirin's Osode (full set), Pallas's Bracelets, Rajas Ring, Sniper's Ring, Brutal Earring, Bushinomimi, Swift Belt, Warwolf Belt, Forager's Mantle

DRG: Full af (legs and hands are +1), Full AF2 (helm is +1), Nuevo Coselette (drg hauby), Thalasocrat, Cletine, Pole Grip, Hecatomb body/hands/feet, Forager's Mantle, Rajas Ring, Sniper's Ring, Homam head/hands/feet, wyvern HP+ jse and neck piece.

WAR: Byakko's Axe, all armor is listed above

DRK: Perdu Scythe, Algol, Naglering, all armor listed above along with Bomb Queen Ring

If interested please send me either a PM here or you can contact me via AIM: Unrepentant999 with an offer. I have a verified paypal account but I'm amenable to other options as long as I can verify they're safe and reliable for both parties.

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