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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:23 pm 

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Ive decided its time to move on, and put work into my studies, so im selling all my SWG accounts.

Note that im the original owner of all these accounts, and they have not been traded etc.

Account 1:

This account is my unlock account, but the jedi is not there..because i deleted him when the NGE hit lol. But there is still the possibility for 3 chars on the same server.

Char 1, Starsider:

90 Zabrak Male Commando
5 piece Frontman
Full +35 statted suit (multiple)
All heroics done 10 times(collection)
Capped composite armor and weapons(All elements)
Major Rebel Rank
Command BARC speeder.
Ace pilot backpack
Almost rebel ace pilot

This guy has the best gear available in game, and is awesome for both PvE and PvP. Almost have enough token for another jewelry set

Char 2, Starsider:

90 Zabrak male Munitions trader
Has luck jewelry
Capped Weapon and Armor crafting suits, with old pre NGE skillmods
Powerups, Shard of retal +++
Absolutely EVERYTHING to craft capped weapons and armor
Also have a full RE suit
Weapons sitting on vendor waiting to get sold (capped)

This char has a CRAPLOAD of server/game best resources and with these he is able to cap all weapons and armor. He also has some premade capped cores for armor. This is a killer munitions-buisness which have the potential to make you billions.

Char 3, Starsider:

90 Zabrak male Engineering trader
This guy is my beastmaster.
He has a full BM suit
Has made tons of 60 point pets, and also gotten a couple spined rancor mutation.
Capped components for making capped pets.
Possible money-machine here as well

Total amount of money on this account is about 30 mill

This is my first account ever in SWG, and ive put alot of effort in it.

Price: $250

Account 2:

My second ever SWG account. The main char on this acc is my elder weaponsmith on Ahazi.

Char 1, Starsider:

90 Zabrak Male officer
Rebel Sergeant
5 piece Generals set
Full primus capped Mandalorian Armor with +35s
Really good weapons (can do elements)
Tusken backpack
Command BARC speeder
2 AV21s
Flare S swoop
Mustafarian bunker
Tokens for another jewelry set
Several capped armor suits/psgs
This char is also ready for everything in the game, with every buff available and lots of powerups/food etc

This char has 13 ACES in space, and have a Neutral Gunship, KSE firespray, and tons of REd weapons. Several ships fully kitted out.

He is also MAYOR OF A RANK 4 CITY, whcih only need 4 more citizens for rank 5. The city has a shuttleport, and pretty much every citizens is currently active.

Char 2, Starsider:

5 Zabrak Male smuggler
not much to say lol

Char 3, Ahazi
90 Zabrak Female Medic
NS energy lance
5 piece First responder
Lvl 90, 60 point pet (BFF)
Some tokens

Total amount of creds on this account is about 25 mill

Price: $250

Account 1 and 2 are perfectly set up for play together, with all chars specced etc to do different aspects of the game. If someone takes both of these accounts, the price will be $450. THIS IS DIRT CHEAP, CONSIDERING WHAT YOU ACTUALLY GET!!

Account 3:

This is a recent account i opened.

Char 1, Starsider:

90 Zabrak Male Bounty Hunter
5 piece Flawless jewelry
Full capped +35 suit
BH Droids/food/powerups
Shard of retaliation
Lair crystal
Guardian Lightning cannon
Wheel bike

This guy is an awesome BH, which has collected countless bounties. FULLY geared!!

Char 2, Starsider:

90 Twi'lek Female Spy
Full capped +35 suit
Elite gaderiffi stick
Wheel bike

Char 3, Euro-Chimeara

90 Zabrak Male Officer
full capped +35 suit
Capped Pistol
Wheel bike
Musty bunker

Price: $100

Account 4:

90 medic buffbot on ahazi
Has 5 piece striker jewelry set

Price $40

Contact me on PM here if interested. Im PayPal verified, and will only accept payment through PayPal.

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