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How to fight Scammers? Buy Sell WOW account 101. MUST READ

following are some tips for buyers and sellers of wow account and wow gold, especially when u deal with a person, not a website or company.

1. Get each other's phone number before u make a deal. Negotiate on the phone, rather than in MSN or others.

2. Get a copy of the account owner or seller's ID ( driver license or passport ), make sure the seller's ID is the same as the wow account's onwer's address and phone number.

3. Get a copy of the buyer's ID if possible, and make sure that the buyer's name is the same as the name on the Paypal account, and Paypal account address must be verified.

4. For buyer to protect yourself, u will need seller's ID and phone number. Regularly, scammer do not answer phone calls. And pay by a credit card, if anything wrong, u can call ur credit card comapny and file a dispute or chargeback. ( As this is a virtual transaction, do NOT sign any package send to u by the seller, just ask the postman to return the package if u got any.)

U also must make sure the seller is the owner of the account. ( just log in the wow account and make sure the registration name and address is the same as seller's ID.)

5. For sellers, u must make sure the payment from the buyer is valid and confirmed, not from a stolen Paypal account. U also need to call the buyer, and make sure his phone number area code is the same as his address in Paypal, so if anything wrong, u can call the local police.

Send the buyer an invoice by Paypal and ask the buyer to pay. When the buyer's paid, u get his address and phone number in the Paypal payment receipt, and make sure the phone number and address are the same.

U can mail a package or letter to the buyer through Paypal, and get a confirmation number or tracking number, so u can know the buyer's address is valid and current or not.

6. Phone call is very important.

If u have other ideas, pls post any tips u know below this post.


Combating the Scam
A Guide on Safe Account Trading… By GurglingEmu

Before trading, ask yourself these questions:
Do I have the email registered to the account?
Do I know the answer to the secret question?
Do I know the name on the account?
If you answered no to any of these questions… trading will be much more risky.

Steps to Account Trading:

1. Talk on AIM, or another messaging service. By talking using an instant messenger, rather than the phone, or vent, you can screenshot and save your conversation.

2. MEET IN-GAME! No matter how great the account looks… NEVER, under any circumstances, trade without seeing the character in-game. DO NOT Trade for a frozen account. Please note that account character sheets can be Photo shopped… do not accept them as proof of existence.

3. Begin the trade by testing out the other persons account. Make sure that the characters are on there. Don’t worry… your gold is a lot safer than you would think. By trading the account name and password first… you will have the ability to recall your account if anything should go wrong. If you find that your gold is stolen, tell a GM that your gold is missing.

4. Once you are satisfied that the character exists, you can proceed to the email change. Have the other person log onto your account at the Blizzard webpage, and send you an email change form. Do the same on his/ her account. If you would like, make them change the email first. You will know that the email is changed when the email on the account starts with the same letter as yours.
I.E. for the email you would see… g***** for the email address. NEVER trade for an account that lacks a changeable email.

5. In addition, once you have the email, change the phone number to your own.

6. Once the email is changed, share answers to the secret question. The secret question can be tested by answering the question registered to his/ her account. If it is correct, a new, randomized password will be sent to your email.

7. Lastly, NEVER trade the name registered to the account. This is used as a backup if the trade goes to hell, and you get scammed. (See Recalling an Account)

Recalling your stolen account:
If you followed the instructions above, and traded… and got scammed, then send me a PM. Or reply to this post.

I’ll walk you through, step by step, the process to recalling an account in which you no longer have the email address.

Or use the automated Blizzard account recall service at their website (only if you have the email.)

I wrote this to help clean up the forums, as I see far too many people getting scammed.

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